Block all distractions so you keep your eyes on the road. WE ALL LOVE OUR PHONES. BUT WHEN IT COMES TO DRIVING, YOUR PHONE COULD BECOME YOUR WORST ENEMY.

Simply put, it blocks distractions from the driver.

TextHALT can disable the ability to text, email, surf the web, play games, use Facebook and much more while driving a vehicle.

Protect and monitor your loved ones.

Configure TextHALT to deliver alerts and notifications for a variety of actions or violations including attempts to disable the system for your group.

Track safely driven miles and earn points.

Always have access to historical activities through the management console.

Always on, always safe.

There is simply no "on" button. TextHALT has the intelligence to dynamically awaken and automatically protect without end-user interaction. Get in the car, start the engine, begin to drive and TextHALT is ready to act to prevent your distractions.

Let’s face the facts...

It’s hard to change habits, specially bad ones. And checking that text, or that email or that friend request on Facebook while driving is probably one of the worst habits there is. You know it, and you still feel the urge to do it.

That’s why TextHALT uses various factors to determine if you’re driving, and if you are it blocks those irresistible notifications and distractions so you can concentrate on the road, while still allowing you to receive calls via handsfree or make emergency calls while driving. Once you come to a complete stop, your phone is ready to do all you want to do. Simply put, it’s works, and it can save your life.


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Distraction free driving is here...


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